Petition for Asian American Studies at Fordham

Petition for Asian American Studies at Fordham

In his message to the Fordham community on March 15, 2021, President McShane responded to the recent wave of anti-Asian violence by condemning anti-Asian racism, calling on us to “enlarge…our circle of compassion,” and expressing his hope that “people of goodwill [will find] their voices and [oppose] ignorance and bigotry wherever they find it.” 

Though reassuring, the President’s message is not adequate.  As a distinguished university with a heavily advertised commitment to ethics and social justice, located in the city with the largest Asian American population in the United States, Fordham can and must challenge anti-Asian racism with more than simple expressions of hope and calls for compassion.  It must do what universities are supposed to do: educate and serve the needs of our greater community.

Historically, Fordham has offered little to no support for Asian American Studies.  Whereas Boston College, for example, has had a robustly supported Asian American Studies program for twenty-five years, Fordham currently has only three tenure-line faculty who identify as scholars in the field, and it has never had an Asian American Studies program.  The field was founded in 1969.  In other words, for over half a century, Fordham has failed to provide its students with precisely the education they need to heed President McShane’s call to oppose anti-Asian “ignorance and bigotry wherever they find it.”

This historical failure is all the more glaring given the university’s student demographics.  Roughly fifteen percent of Fordham’s entering class identifies as Asian or Asian American.  Given the university’s long-standing neglect of Asian American Studies, however, very few of those students will ever get to take a class that speaks directly to their histories, cultures, lived experiences, ethical questions, or political concerns.  When they graduate, they will enter a world that Fordham has done very little to make more hospitable for them.  

Therefore, we the undersigned call on President McShane to commit, publicly and explicitly, to (1) immediately hiring more tenure-line faculty specializing in Asian American Studies; (2) creating a fully supported, generously resourced Asian American Studies program.  

We issue this call in accordance with the university’s action plan for confronting racism and educating for justice–specifically its injunction to create “courses [that treat] issues of racism, inequality, and diversity as often and as richly as possible.”  

We issue this call in recognition of the general need to create more pathways and resource support for BIPOC students, faculty, and staff–a need that could also be alleviated by affiliating with nationally recognized programs such as McNair Scholars and Mellon Mays.

We issue this call inspired by the example of the African and African American Studies department and in solidarity with those who demand greater support for Indigenous Studies, Latinx Studies, Disability Studies, and other academic programs dedicated to combating racism and promoting social justice.  

Finally, we issue this call because we want a university that educates its students about the historically complex relationships between different forms of racism, as well as the shared histories of resistance to and solidarity against oppression.


  • For the Fordham English department’s statement on anti-Asian racism, which includes an extensive reading list on Asian American Studies, click here.
  • For the petition cover letter, USG-LC statement in support of the petition, and the USG-RC resolution in support of the petition, click here
  • The petition was delivered on April 19, 2021 with 1394 signatures.  


1410 Signatories

Launched March 22, 2021, 3:00pm

Delivered on April 19, 2021, 12:50pm

Closed on April 22, 2021, 9:10am

First NameLast NameStatusTitle or Year of GraduationComments
JamesKimFacultyAssociate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
JulieKimFacultyAssociate Professor of English
Stephen HongSohnFacultyProfessor
RebeccaSanchezFacultyProfessor of English
RobbHernandezFacultyAssociate Professor of English
SarahGambitoFacultyProfessor of English
DianeDetournayFacultyLecturer in English
AvaPoulinStudentGSB 2024
AlleyahAllyStudentFCLC 2023
IsabelLogiosStudentFCRH 2022
YingWuStudentSchool Psych PhD 2024
RachelleGreenFacultyAssistant Professor of Practical Theology and Education
AliRederStudentPhD School Psychology Student
SebastianVazquez AmaroStaffAdmission CounselorThis is a must.
JuliaKohutStudentFCRH 2023
DanielleZhongStudentGSB 2024Asian American history has been left out of curriculums for far too long. Including Asian American studies helps Asian American students have more context of why we’re treated the way we are in America, what it means to hold a position of privilege and oppression, and what we can do moving forward.
BrittanyAngeliniStudentMSED 2022
AmySyperStudentCounseling Psych 2023
SuwaneeSingprachaStudentSchool Psych 2023
qinglunliStudentFCRH 2022
CarolineMontgomeryStudentPhD Student, Expected grad 2024
thomaskoppingerStudentpsge 2022I think the addition of Asian American studies curriculum and support is especially relevant in our current socio-political environment. With the increased acceptance of xenophobia and discrimination towards Asian Americans by government officials and some public figures, it is the responsibility of educators to inform on these issues and support students facing adversity in light of these events.
MariaHurtarte LeonStudentEnglish Ph.D. student 2025This is necessary and a responsibility of Fordham as an institution, especially because we have a huge Asian American community at the university.
PrimSiripipatStudentPhd Counseling Psychology 2026
O’KeefeKellyStudentGSE 2022
VivianLuFacultyAssistant Professor of Anthropology
SarahZimmermanFacultyProfessor of English
MargaretBeaudouinStudentGraduating in May 2022 with Master’s in School Counseling
KassandraMontenegroStaffProgram Manager for Alumni Relations
StephanieGutkinStudentGSE 2024
JessToopsStudentGSE 2022
DivyaBhagnariStudentFirst-year Grad. Student (Adv Cert. in School Psychology program)
DavidWrightFacultyLecturer in Classics
YihuiWangFacultyFaculty at GSB
NatalieHuntoonStudentFCRH 2023
RainaNovelli- MillerStudentMental Health Counseling 2022
PedroHipolitoAdministratorSr. Assistant Director of AdmissionExcellent initiative. I hope we are successful in these efforts. Thank you for spearheading this!
EmmanuelaJean-FrancoisStudentGSS 2022
SuzanneBrierStudentPhd Student, 2023
KevinFosterStaffClinical Psych. Ph.D. 2018This is much needed.
JacquelineShikoraStudentMSW 2022
KristenPopeStudentMSEd 2022
MadelineHilfStudentFCLC 2022
MelissaBrenmanStudentPhd Candidate in Counseling PsychologyWe can always be more inclusive
AprilGoreStudentFCLC 2022As an Asian-American student, I would have enrolled in this program had it been offered while I was an underclassman.
Juan CarlosMatosStaffAVPSA for Diversity and Inclusion
JaniceYimStudentGSAS 2022
CristianaSognoFacultyAssociate Professor, Department of English
EmilyOlmstedStudentDoc of Counseling Psych, 2025
AngelaGloverStudentGSAS 2026 (?CPDP student starting in 2020)
ChristopherGoGwiltFacultyProfessor of English & Comparative Literature
KathyWongStudentGSE 2023
KatherineTheissStudentPhD Student
SaraWilkersonStudentDoctoral Student in Clinical Psychology
MaryBlyFacultyChair of EnglishI just want to note that I had a long email exchange with a Fordham alum who was angry that this option is not yet available at Fordham.
AriannaChenStudentFCRH 2022
AvaGagliardiStaffHonors Administrator
AmalZamanStudentEnglish PhD student
AlyssaVilarinoStudentFordham GSE 2022
InsiyaGandhiStudentFCLC 2024
VincentDonofrioStudentPhD in clinical psych
RenaldoAlbaAdministratorAssociate Director, STEP and CSTEPAn AAS program would enrich the life of the university and create opportunities for cross cultural understanding and respect. This is a critical step to create an environment for students to participate in opportunities to expand and grow into their full humanity the way a university can provide – intellectually and socially.
ElizabethStoneFacultyProfessor of English
GraceAndersonStudentDoctoral Student
G. LawrenceFarmerFacultyProfessor
TierneyGleasonStaffReference & Digital Humanities Librarian
JessicaLeeStudentFordham Law School Student
ClaudiaBelmonteStudentMental Health Counseling Student- Grad in 2022
LaurelHildnerStaffAssistant Director, Admissions. Also class of 2016
JonathanEngStudentFCRH 2023
MeeraAladinStudentGSE 2023
FionaKinnevy-RomoStudentGSS 2021It is very important for our community to receive a diverse palate of studies to prepare ourselves for what our new normal society has become. It is important to bring to light the cultures that surround us everyday.
JeannineHill FletcherFacultyProfessor of TheologyAn Asian American Studies program is long overdue and would enhance our work across the disciplines.
XinzhuRaoStudentDoctoral Student expected to graduate 2023Support in research on intersectionality and cultural diversity
CesarLopezFacultyAdmission Counselor
AmyWongStudentFCLC 2021
AndrewAlbinFacultyProfessor of English and Medieval Studies
CaseyFranklinStudentFCRH 2021
SeanAdcroftFacultyAdjunct Professor in Graduate School of EducationI’m also a Fordham alumni.
StephanieLuk OpreaStudentPSGE 2024
CarolineWongStudentFCLC 2024
RemyGoodmanStudentMHC 2022
AmnaUrsaniStudentPSGE 2022
AmiraNahshalStudentSchool Psychology Ph.D student
XiaohanZhuStudentCLAIR 2025
HollyAloiStudentFCRH 2022
ElizabethManueleStudentSchool Counseling 2022
Ji SeonLeeFacultyGSS faculty
YiDingFacultyProfessor of School Psychology
MariaGarganourakisStudentMSEd 2022
JihyunYunStudentGSAS student
SashaPanaramFacultyAssistant Professor of English
KeshiaWebbStudentFordham-Lincoln Center 2026
CarolineLawlorStudentGSE 2022
MichelePrettymanFacultyProfessor of Communication and Media Studies
ColeLeacockStudentFCLC 2021I think having diversity in learning different histories from racial minority groups is needed.
MargaretYermiyayevaStudentADV cert school psych PD 2023
ReginaVander SchaafAlumni2010
KisaAbidiStudentGraduate student in GSE
HongyuWangStudentLaw School 2022
InaraJamilStudentFCLC 2024
TyeshaMaddoxFacultyAssistant Professor of AAAS
BridgetFongStudent2021As a biracial Asian American student I would love to see this at Fordham. I also believe there should be at least one class required in the core about anit-racism or education about oppressed cultures/races.
BennettReinhardtStudentFCLC 2023
ZacharyClarkStudentFCLC 202-
KaylinBridglallStudentFCLC 2021
KaseyGelsominoAlumniGSB ‘20
SooNgaiStudentMSW 2021
DoriPolovskyStudentCounseling Psychology PhD Student
StellaPandisStudentFCLC 2021
SamanthaUmaniStudentFCLC 2021
FinleyPeayAlumniFCLC 2020
MiraBalsamStudentGabelli 2022
AshleyWeiStudentFCLC 2022
JounLeeStudentCPDP 2025
EvaLiStudentGSB 2022If Fordham would like to stand by their word of promoting equality,
RuthieAdlerStudentMSE in Mental Health Counseling 2022I am in fulll support of this statement. Fordham needs to work harder to support social justice and combat racial injustice.
Arthur Ze AnLiuStudentFCRH 2023
LenaRoseStudentFCLC 2021
AlexShawStudentFCRH 2021Fordham is such a racist institution it blows my mind
SameenaAzharFacultyAssistant Professor, Fordham Graduate School of Social Service
ManahilJavaidStudentFCLC 2021
BradfordHinzeFacultyProfessor of TheologyI strongly support this initiative.
RonaldMéndez-ClarkFacultyAssociate Professor of Spanish, Associate Chair MLALBesides Boston College, in New York City NYU, Columbia and CUNY has solid programs.
GlennHendlerFacultyProfessor of English and American StudiesIt’s past time!
MatthewCharlesStudentPhD student 2022
Andrew H.ClarkFacultyProfessor of French and Comparative Literature, Chair of Modern Languages
OritAvishaiFacultyProfessor of Sociology and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
AlexandraTamsiStudentFCRH 2024
Melanie McGrathKnutsFacultyProfessor of Social ServicesThank you for this!
BenjaminBertrandStudentPhD Student
AnnaSteinStudentDoctoral student
AsharFoleyFacultyAdvanced Lecturer of Communication and Media Studies
KatharineYimStudentFCRH 2023Thank you for putting this together. I was very excited to receive this email. I’ve been looking for an Asian American Studies course to take every semester, but there was literally only one available (Asian Diasporic Literatures), but it had multiple prerequisites, making it less accessible for underclassmen to take. The other courses were either language or history courses, neither of which were directly related to the Asian American experience. Maybe it’s just me, but this is one of the ways I feel that my being Asian will prevent me from also being seen as an American — there’s always some degree of separation.
I don’t expect Father McShane to fix racism in one email, but I also felt that the responsibility was being redirected toward students and faculty to fix. I understand that expecting an institution to change on its own is unrealistic, but I do hope that this petitions helps push the university to actually act on what they call us to do.
RufusBurnett, Jr.FacultyAssistant Professor of TheologyThis would be an amazing step in centering underrepresented knowledges and histories. It would also make Fordham more attractive for recruiting faculty thinking from Asian American perspectives.
NicolaForbesStudentGSAS 2025
JuliannaMinusStudentFCRH 2023
DonnaMahStudentStudent GSSAsian American history also needs to be incorporated into Social Work curriculum
CarlFischerFacultyAssociate Professor of Spanish (Modern Languages and Literatures)MLL is involved in a budding Asian Studies initiative, spearheaded by my colleague Yiju Huang. She may be a valuable resource for your efforts, in one way or another.
JacquelineReichFacultyProfessor of Communication and Media Studies
RoxanneCuberoStudentFCLC 2022
ChrisDietrichFacultyAssociate Professor of History, Director of American Studies
ShonniEnelowFacultyAssociate Professor of English
EdCahillFacultyProfessor of English
DianaArterianFacultyAdjunct Lecturer
ClémenceSfadjStudentPhD student in English
JadeHofbauerStudent2022This is long overdue.
DaisyDeomampoFacultyAssociate Professor of Anthropology
JessicaDenzerFacultyProfessor of Literature and FCLC 2012
AnneFernaldFacultyProfessor of English & Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
JasonRayStudentPhD Student, English
CynthiaVichFacultyAssociate professor of Spanish
RebeccaStark-GendranoAdministratorAssistant Dean / GSAS 2014Given that we offer studies in African and African-American Studies, Latin-American and Latino Studies, and Middle East Studies, we are long overdue for a department of Asian and Asian-American Studies. As a mother of two half-asian children, I have seen firsthand how damaging it can be when history books and anthologies ignore your family’s culture of origin. As a dean, I have fielded countless inquiries from students interested in taking more classes on Asian history and culture, but stymied by the limited options. Our students deserve an academic home that will allow them to learn more about the multi-faceted history of Asians and Asian-Americans. If we want to continue to attract a diverse body of students, we will expand our course offerings and start an Asian-American studies program.
AlessiaValfrediniFacultySenior Lecturer
MayaBentovimStudentGSB 2023
DorothyBogenStudentFCRH 2024
DominicChimientiStudentFordham GSS 2024
VivianPappFacultyAdjunct Professor of English
JudyArteche-CarrFordham IT Exec Consultant; Asian American Business Dev CouncilN/A
SophiaSinghStudentFCRH 2021
KristinaJacobsFacultyInstructor of Spanish
DavidHamlinFacultyProfessor of History and Chair
KatherinaFostanoAdministratorVisual Resources Curator
TomBeaudoinFacultyProfessor of Religion
AlexandraFinn-AtkinsGraduate StudentPhD Candidate in English 2022
Caitlin MeehyeBeachFacultyAssistant Professor of Art History
BlancaUrizarFacultySenior Lecturer Modern Languages and Literatures
RosemaryWakemanFacultyProfessor History
NanaOsei-OpareFacultyProfessor of HistoryThis is a terrific idea and really boost the university’s image and academic profile in profound ways.
MariaFarlandFacultyAssoc Prof EnglishThis is long overdue!
MariaEisenhardtStudentFCRH 2021
JackMosesStudentFCRH 2023
SophiaDaoudStudentFCLC 2021
MadisonSoeyadiStudentFCLC 2024N/A
RebeccaHallStudentFCRH 2023
MichelleMoughanStudentFCLC 2023
NicholasAbbazioStudentGSB 2021This is a great petition and we have waiting to long for something like this at Fordham. This should not be something that we have to demand. It should be something that has been already done in our university.
SophiaMaierStudentFCRH 2023
AnnaShermanStudentFCRH 2023
NaomiIzettStudentFCRH 2021
LindsayAbelStudentFCRH 2021
BarryGoldbergFacultyAsociate Professor of History
ElizabethBolgerStudentEnglish Ph.D. Candidate
HaileyArangoStudentFCLC 2021
ElissaJohnstonStudentGSAS 2026Thank you for putting this petition together!
ThomasO’ConnorStudentFCLC 2021
JeanneFlavinFacultyProfessor of Sociology
IsaieDougnonFacultyDr. Professor of Francophone Humanitarian Studies
DanielleEisenbergStudentFCLC 2021
AmandaArmstrong-PriceFacultyAssistant Professor of History
AsatoIkedaFacultyAssociate Professor, Art History and Music
MatthewBiedermannStudentFCRH 2022
AriannaFiorentiniStudentFCLC 2021
GwendolynChuStudentFCLC 2021
VincenzoHartyStudentFCLC 2022
EthanShamimStudentGSBLC 2021
MickiMcGeeFacultyAssociate Professor of Sociology and American Studies
RobertClarkFacultyAdjunct Instructor
JohnMontesFacultyAdjunct Instructor – Sociology
JohannaQuinnFacultyAssistant Professor of Sociology
DianeGeorgeFacultyAdjunct in Anthropology
LillianWoodStudentFCRH 2022
ReikoMatsuda GoodwinFacultyAdjunct professor
NinaCassawayStudentFCLC 2023
EllisLightStudentPhD Candidate
CarsynFisherStudentFCRH 2021
MinaNguyenStudentGSS 2023
DannaRojasStudentFCRH 2024I agree that emails and sentiments are not enough. And I am more than happy to do anything I can to make sure actual change occurs in the system, even if it is through a University. More can be done, so it should be.
JuliusBowditchFacultyAdjunct Faculty in Anthropology
VicenteRubioFacultyAdjunct Instructor-Modern Languages Department
DaniellaCorsico-SánchezStudentFCLC 2022
LaurieLambertFacultyAssociate Professor
ElisabethFrostFacultyProfessor of English and Women’s/Gender/Sexuality Studies
LauraRodriguezStudentFCRH 2023
CeliaPattersonStudentFCLC 2021
FrankBoyleFacultyEnglish professor
GuillermoSevericheFacultyLecturer of Spanish
ArnaldoCruz-MalavéFacultyProfessor of Spanish and Comparative Literature
FaithNixStudentFCLC 2021
LilyCoilparampilStudentFCRH 2023
StaceyD’ErasmoFacultyAssociate Professor of Writing and Publishing Practices
ElkaRoderickStudentGSAS 2022
SanjidaAkterStudentFCRH 2023
SophieChooStudentFCLC 2022
LiamLeahyStudentFCRH 2022
EveMandelAlumniFCRH 2020
SophieMurchieStudentFCRH 2023
NaomiLongStudentFCRH 2023
HannahDaviesStudentGSGB 2021Fordham should also try hiring Asian people to teach Asian studies too. No beef with Professor Marmé but i have never had an Asian professor outside of the mathematics department at Fordham LC and it’s about time for change
RachelUmAdministratorGSE admin: Director of Online Learning
ChristopherAndersonFacultyProfessor of Christian Spirituality
KathleenKyeStudentFCLC 2022
MiguelGarciaFacultyAssistant Professor of Spanish
KennethTangStudentGSBLC 2024
JordanSteinFacultyProfessor of English and Comparative Literature
RosaBroadheadStudentFCRH 2024
AnnaBeskinAdministratorInterim Director, Office of Prestigious Fellowships; GSAS 2016
ElizabethGalboStudentFCRH 2022
RandyDumaligStudentFCRH 2022
YijuHuangFacultyProfessor of ChineseIt is intellectually, ethically, and pedagogically imperative for Fordham to establish Asian American Studies. Now it is ever more urgent.
KathrynReklisFacultyAssociate Professor of Theology
AnastasiaMcGrathStudentFCRH 2021
KatherineHenkle-KawaStudentFCLC 2022I think it is essential to teach the history, culture, and experiences of Asian-Americans in this country. People often think that Asian people are immune from racism or prejudice, but as we have seen in the past year, Asian people are victims of white supremacy and have always been.
MichelleRufranoFacultyAdjunct, FCRH GSAS 2014I am an Asian American and I agree that more attention needs to be brought to this topic and will also help to shed light on how inequity manifests for all racial and ethnic minorities.
SyedaRahmanStudentFCRH 2024
EmilySheehyStudentFCRH 2023
EvelynBushFacultyAssociate Professor of Sociology
JoshuaJordanFacultyAdvanced Lecturer of French (MLL)
EvanGumasStudentFCRH 2021
GraceSebastianStudentFCRH 2023
MollyGleasonStudentFCRH 2021
AmaliaSordo PalaciosStudentFCRH 2023
JordanArnoldStudentFCLC 2022
GillianKwokStudentFCLC 2022
AlisaBeerStudentGSAS 2023
JennyNguyenStudentFCLC 2023
BeaMendozaStudentFCLC 2022
MeganSluzhevskyStudentFCRH 2022I have struggled for three years to create an Individualized Major in Japanese Studies and was surprised at how few classes are offered in relation to both Japan and Asia in general. This is something I feel very passionate about as I have seen how little support Fordham has given to classes about Asia.
MichaelGoodwinStudentFCRH 2023
GregoryHoppStudentFCRH 2021
WilliamSheehanStudentFCRH 2023
MilesGambleAlumni2014This department should have existed already. Given the legacy of Asian contributions to the West, Western institutions, and the eternal struggle for representation in the face of White Supremacy, especially in the United States, a proper and specific study of all Asians are overdue at Fordham University
AbigailMcClainStudent2021Two of my favorite classes ever at Fordham have been Asian Diasporic Literature and Asian Gender and Sexuality Studies in Art.
Sarah ElizabethPenryFacultyAssociate Professor of History & Latin American and Latinx Studies
ClaireGheriniFacultyAssistant professor of history
DoraChamStudentFCLC 2023
SabineRyanStudentFCRH 2023
AldenKennedyStudentFCLC 2022
NatalieGrammerStudentFCLC 2021
MollyHenschkeStudentFCRH 2022
KateCaposelaStudentFCRH 2022
KatharineDuffyStudentFCRH 2022
JaclynSkrelaStudentFCLC 2023
GraceAyres-DoyleStudentFCLC 2023
CarolynCargileStudentPhD Candidate in English
ElenaJastrzembskiStudentFCLCRidiculous that there is not one already.
ChloeMcGovernStudentFCLC 2022
CassidyLathamStudentFCRH 2021
PhilipSickerFacultyProfessor of English
MeghanDeckerStudentFCRH 2021Yes
MaggieNunnStudentFCLC 2022
RasaSiniakovasStudentFCLC 2023
ClaireMackStudentFCLC 2023
Emma ClaireMarvinStudentFCRH 2021
AshleyCondeStudentFCRH 2021
MiaMatziarisStudentFCLC 2022
AshleyStagnariStudentFCRH 2024
CristienDeGrooteStudentFCRH 2024
MargaretRileyStudentFCRH 2021
CamilaScherrerStudentFCRH 2024
BrianYeomStudentFCLC 2024
MinaMarcianoStudentFCRH 2021
SoniaSehil ScheindlinFacultyAdjunct Lecturer (French)
MeiFujieStudentGSAS 2022
OlyanaKalytiak-DavisStudentFchr 2023
GabrielleAbrazaldoStudentFCLC 23
AminataKonatehStudentFCRH 2023As an ally to the Asian American fight, I believe that more diversity initiatives must be taken and considered as what is happening today is a direct reflection of ignorance and hate and with more education, more students will learn the importance and with Asian Americans and Asians in general in our school community, they must have classes dedicated to them as well, with the emphasis on it being taught by actual Asians, as we do not need a whitewashed Asian history. It would be a great learning experience for all students, and I hope it is heavily considered.
MadisonForbesStudentGSAS 2025
WinnieKungFacultyprofessor of social workI think it’s a good idea to develop an Asian American Studies program at Fordham given the large Asian population in the city. Moreover, to really combat Asian hate crime, educating the public and members within the Fordham community on how to be an “upstander” instead of a bystander is so important to practically help reduce such violence. The whole idea of speaking up and taking actual action when we are faced with unjust and discriminatory situations is so relevant in any context where bullying or discrimination occurs.
BaratEllmanFacultyAdjunct professor of Theology
BethanyFernandezStudentFCRH 2022
SalAcostaFacultyProfessor of History
SusanWabudaFacultyProfessor of History
JennaGoldblattStudentFCLC 2023
LachlanWoolseyStudentGSB 2021
OrlandoRodriguezFacultyProfessor of Sociology
MariaMerkleStudentFCRH 2023
HeatherDubrowFacultyJohn D. Boyd, SJ, Chair in Poetic Imagination
SaraPetrakisStudentFCLC 2024
JorgeMartinezStudentFCRHWe should have had this 20 years ago. It’s about time Fordham gives us this.
AlinHaberleStudentFCLC 2022
AnnabelleSeeligerStudentFCRH 2023
steveromagnoliFacultyAdjunct Professor
KatrinaManansalaStudentFCLC 2023I hope this program will be made available as soon as possible and offered/accessible at all Fordham University campuses.
MaleiyaLorenzoStudentFCRH 2023
GabriellaLopezStudentFCLC 2023
KatieHorackStudentFCLC 2023
AislinnJamiesonStudentFCRH 2023
IsabelleBuneoStudentFCLC 2023
KelseyO’BrienStudentFCRH 2023It is important to offer and provide courses for all topics of interest, and this includes Asian American Studies.
KatherineStelmaStudentFCLC 2023
IsabellaMalfiStudentSenior — Class of 2021This is long overdue. Thank you to those who organized and propelled this forward. I will gladly continue to give my support until Fordham fully supports an Asian American Studies program through appropriate hires with knowledge of Asian American studies, rigorous coursework, engaging classes, and financial support.
EastonNguyenStudentFCLC 2023
JuliaCosacchiAlumniGSAS (PhD, English) 2021
EmilyFerrariStudentFCRH 2022
EsmeBleecker-AdamsStudentFCLC ’21
ElizabethDoneyStudentFCLC 2021
KellyKingStudentFCRH 2022Thanks for making this an issue and trying to educate people about it and promote positive change at Fordham!
KeriWalshFacultyDirector, Institute of Irish Studies, Associate Professor, English
JamieBanaticlaStudentFCLC 2022
EleanorKeyesStudentFCRH 2021
EmilyAnticoStudentFCRH 2021
LiannaMeehanStudentFCRH 2021
LuzselenaAguilarStudentfcrh 2023
LauraVasquezStudentFCLC 2022
HelenSgourosStudentFCLC 2022I’m a mixed women who identifies as Asian American, and I think it is so important for Fordham to have an Asian American studies program.
CatherineKienStudentFCRH 2023
HelenStevensonStudentFCRH 2021Always words no action from Fordham and Fr. McShane. Thank you for this effort
AngelikaAdwalpalkerStudentFCRH 2023
KatherineLussenStudentFCRH 2024
melissabrugmannStudentFCRH 2024
SophiaForlenzaStudentFCRH 2024
KathrynEcheleStudentFCLC 2023
EliseDunnStudentFCLC 2022
GracieDavisStudentFCRH 2023
MargotDuganStudentFCRH 2024
BiancaMijaresAlumniFCRH 2014
LiseSchreierFacultyProfessor of French
BrittaIngebretsonFacultyProfessor of Linguistics & Chinese Studies
ClaraRodriguezFacultyProfessorThere was interest in doing this a number of years ago.
CaelanCorballyStudentFCRH 2023
JustinSchwartzStudentFCLC 2021
ClaireMcDonnellStudentFCRH 2021
ClareLewisStudentFCRH 2021
CorinnaCapeStudentGSAS 2025
EmilyGatesStudentGSAS 2021
AbbyTurbensonStudentFCRH 2021
ShannieRaoStudentFCLC 2022
NataliaRojasStudentFCRH 2022
JohnEmbabaStudentFCRH 2021
DebraChiecoStudentFCRH 2021
DeenanHeStudentFCLC 2024
NafisaUnjumStudentFCLC 2024
MaelQuentinStudentFCLC 2024
AaronSilvaStudentFCLC 2021
DominiqueAlcantaraStudentFCLC 2022
KarenWatanabeStudentFCLC 2024I was more scared for being a victim of Asian hate crime than the pandemic itself. I was more scared for my friends and families that are Asian and will be targeted. I was more scared for my father who had to go out during the pandemic to support my family because I was terrified that someone will shout racial slurs at him or even worse.
Let’s educate our Fordham community, with one story at a time.
RegineAnastacioStudentFCLC 2021
StephenFraganoStudentStudent GSAS 2024
JacobBrozonStudentGSB 2023
KyleCampbellStudentGraduate Student, FCRH
LeslieCarpenterFacultyProf of English, and GSAS 2018
CatherineFroehlichStudentFCRH 2023
MartinTseStudentFCLCI completely agree that Fordham needs to establish an Asian Studies and Asian American Studies program. As a Chinese-American and high school student applying to college then, I was disappointed to learn that Fordham’s course catalog lacked East Asian cultural studies that would had allowed me to put my intuitive understanding of Asian culture from my personal experiences into a meaningful intellectual perspective.
CamilaGómezStudentFCRH 2022
MarianaBeltran HernandezStudentFCRH 2022
EllenaDickersonStudentFCRH 2022
LydiaDonovanStudentFCRH 2023
EmmaKossoyStudentFCLC 2021
KristenMyllekStudentFCRH 2023
SabrinaSahlerStudentFCRH 2021
AlyssaCantrellStudentFCRH 2022
CoreyMcEleneyFacultyAssociate Professor of English
SpencerQuinnStudentFCRH 2022As a queer student at Fordham, I know how important it is to me to have the opportunity to take classes about my community and identity. Otherwise, I have to seek out my own community’s theory and history on my own. Seeing examples of professors who have similar experiences to you makes all the difference.
SrigowriKumarFacultyAdjunct Instructor of English
EricChenFacultyProfessor of Counseling Psychology
TenzinPalkyiStudentFCRH 2022
GemmaFahyStudentFCRH 2023
AmeliaMedvedStudentFCRH 2023
MatthewQuerfeldStudentGSB 2024
PhillipWangStudentGSB 2021
MarinaSturlaStudentFCRH 2021
EveBuckStaffLMHC 2021
AuroraHegartyStudentFCLC 2024
MarioHaimindraAdministratorResident Director
AshleyQamarStudentGSB (u) 2020, Law 2023
NancyHarkAdministratorAssistant Vice President, Human ResourcesI support this initiative.
AlyssaJordanStudentFCLC 2022
KirstenSwinthFacultyProfessor of History, American Studies, & Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies
ElizabethClarkAdministratorStaff Psychologist, Counseling and Psychological Services
LairaBhurjiStudentGSB 2022
JuliaVilelaStudentGSB 2024
YujinKimStudentFCRH 2022
JenyaPolavarapuStudentFCRH 2024
AnnabelleDortchAdministratorPostdoctoral Fellow
MaikoShimuraStudentFCRH 2022
EmilyLiuStudentGSB 2022
JohnathanLongoStaffLibrary Support Staff
CaitlinCawleyFacultyPostdoctoral Fellow of English
GriffinLaMarcheStudentGSB 2022
AbigailHarrisFacultySchool Psychology
AbigailMurphyStudentFCRH 2022This should definitely happen!!
ravibasinStudentDoctoral GSS Student in Dissertation phase
FranBlumbergFacultyProfessor in PES/GSE
BrandyMonk-PaytonFacultyAssistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
KiaraNorrisStudentFCRH 2022
BridgetSalterStudentFCRH 2024
MatthewGelbartFacultyProfessor of Music, Chair of Art History and Music
MarjorieSaltzbergFacultyAdjunct Faculty, GSS
MERLEKEITELFacultyProfessor in GSE
(Emily) BinhChauStudentFordham Law School – 2023
JacquelineHwangStudentGSE 2023
SofyaYedigarianStudentGSE 2024
SusanMunAdministratorResearch Analyst
KayMaungStudentFCLC 2022
LeniaChaeStudentGSE 2024
RubyWebbStudentFCLC 2024
RosalieCirilloStaffOffice Manager-Counseling & Psychological Services
JessicaD’OnofrioStudentPhD Candidate in English, GSAS; Instructor of English
JohnnyWatkinsStudentFCRH 2024
QunWangFacultyAssistant professor
RyanNguyenStudentFCRH 2023
NishiAkterStudentFCRH 2024
FrankTaylorAdministratorAcademic Advisor for Student-Athletes
LindseySullivanStudentFCRH 2021
CorneliusCollinsFacultyInstructor of English
JohnBelovStudentGabelli 2024
AlexGoStudentFCRH 2022
StephenPastoreStudentGSB 2023
AudreyFeltonStudentFCRH 2022
KristenRonanStudentFCRH 2022
HannahGaertnerStudentGSB 2024
GillianSobocinskiStudentGraduate School of Social Service 2022
FlanneryBrownStudentFCRH 2022
KaziMaishaAlumniFCRH 2019
AthitTessaleeStudentFCLC 2024
FarahElrakhawiStudentFCRH 2024
AthitTessaleeStudentFCLC 2024
FarahElrakhawiStudentFCRH 2024
AbigailNguyenStudentFCLC 2024
SaraThoresonStudentFCLC 2024
LillianaResnikStudentFCLC 2024
GloriaGarciaFacultyAdjunct Instructor, Anthropology
StephanieHuezoFacultyAssistant Professor of HistoryIt is time Fordham have an Asian American Studies program, especially because of our location in NYC. There is also a need for programs like the McNair Scholars or Mellon Mays. As a former McNair scholar, I can attest to the importance of this program for providing students of color with a pipeline to success.
TaylorPalmerAdministratorAlumni Relations Officer/FCLC ’16
tanzemafazalStudentFCLC 2024
AndreaJengStudentFCLC 2022
TieranHortonStudentFCLC 2024
NatalieConteStudentFCRH 2024
TiffanyYipFacultyProfessor of PsychologyThanks JAMES!!!!
MaeveSwiftStudentFCLC 2024
KristineSaliasiStudentFCRH 2023
ChristinaWingStudentFCRH 2022
PanharidthInStudent2022I believe that the additional literature courses for Japanese and Chinese is not enough because it is only accessible for people who have taken those languages. I think we need Asian American Studies to tell the stories of Asian American academics and give a voice (and representation) to Fordham’s Asian American students. Identity is really important to a group that faces a great deal of identity crises.
SydneyJonesStudentFCLC 2024
JaaeeNadkarniStudentFCLC 2022
AmandaDiNovellaStudentFCRH 2023
SierraMorroneStudentFCRH 2022
SummerHernandezStudentFCRH 2022
EmilyYihStudentFCLC 2021
NaomiBuchananStudentFCLC 2022
Seande GanonStudentFCLC 2022
AbbigailRamnarineStudentFCLC 2024
NoahWillseyStudentFCRH 22
Justin SchollStudentGSSI proudly support this.
UrsulaMoranStudentFCLC 2022
KristinGuglielmoStudentFCRH 2021
AnnaAversa-GoodmanStudentFCRH 2022
PreetiGrewalStudentFCLC 2024
RachelKimStudentFCLC 2021
CarliNeustadtStudentFCRH 2024
MatteoCaponiVisiting research scholarPhD 2010
MadalynStewartStudentFCLC 2022
IsabellaIannoneStudentFCRH 2022
AmandaMorrowStudent2022I am glad that this is now a conversation at Fordham. For too long the curriculum has centered around Eurocentric ideals, and has only briefly covered Asian and Asian American cultures / experiences.
TanzieRahmanAlumniFCLC 2020
ElizaPagelStudentFCLC 2023
ArianaVidaStudentFCRH 2022
JackMcClatchyStudentFCRH 2021
LaurenCassotStudentFCRH 2023
TaraPattersonStudentGSB 2024
StephaniePettStudentFCLC 2021
JaneyLorenzoStudentFCRH 2022
BaileyBarnettAlumniFCRH 2018
SamanthaBohrerStudentFCLC 2023
BrandonBurkStudentFCLC 2021
NalaniColonStudentFCLC 2022
NoaKukurudzStudentFCLC 2024
SofiaUbillaStudentFCLC 2021
JessicaBallStudentFCLC 2024
EmmaMcSharryStudentFCLC 2021
QichenDengStudentFCLC 2023
MeganEvansStudentFCLCARSNOVA 2023
AshiraFischer-WachspressStudentFCLC 2023
KaylaKojimaStudentFCLC 2022
AnnieZhangStudentGSBLC 2022
OliviaSpenardStudentFCLC 2022
DariaKerschenbaumStudentFCLC 2021
NoeliaWassaffStudentFCRH 2023
CourtneyBrogleAlumniFCLC 2020
AnnaHaaseStudentFCRH 2022
NajellyAlmonteStudentFCRH 2023
ElizabethCaudillStudentFCLC 2023
FranciscoValliciergoStudentFCRH 2022
ChiaraGiammatteoStudentFCRH 2021
LilianaGutierrezStudentFCLC 2023
MiguelSutedjoStudentFCRH 2023
ElenaSmithStudentFCRH 2023
Sándor ErikLorangeStudentFCRH 2021
EmmaSchmitchelStudentFCRH 2023
CharlotteUtschigStudentFCRH 2021
IsabellaGonzalezStudentFCLC 2023
AnnikaFagerstromStudentFCRH 21’
KatharineWestStudentFCRH 2022
LilaSmithStudentFCLC 2024
MaryJahnStudentFCRH 2024
KatieLewisStudentFCRH 2023
DylanBalsamoStudentFCRH 2022NA
RosaSchembariStudentFCLC 2022
JuliaNewcornStudentFCLC 2021
GabrielQuirogaStudentFCRH 2023
MariaHayakawaStudentFCLC 2022
SarahLageStudentFCLC 2022
KaitlynMcDermottStudentFCRH 2021
SamanthaSheridanStudentFCRH 2023
BriannaMillerStudentFCRH 2021
ClaudiaSchneiderStudentFCRH 2023
PatrickFoxAlumniFCRH 2020
KarleneRiveraStudentFCRH 2022
SarahKennyStudentFCRH 2024
PilarValdesStudentFCRH 2023
SarinaSinghStudentFCRH 2023
RebeccaLeesStudentFCRH 2021
katieschulteStudentFCRH 22
KendallTubbsStudentFCRH 2024
RitamariePepeStudentFCLC 2022
MichaelDuffyStudentFCRH 2023
AliBernsteinStudentFCLC 2022
KaylaRamdassStudentFCLC 2020
AveryLiStudentGSB 2024
SamanthaArmacostStudentFCRH 2024
AidanDonaghyStudentFCLC 2021
PruthaChavanStudentGabelli 2023
MarikaLeeStudentGSB FCLC 2022
JayIzzoStudentFCRH 2022
FrancescoOssoStudentFCLC 2022
BenjaminSpicerStudentFCRH 2023
PaulineBoulfroyFacultyProfessor of French
JeffreyPelayoStudentFCRH 2021
EliseAnsteyStudentFCRH 2024
MasonRowleeStudentFCRH 2022
ShannonZipfelStudentFCRH 2021
CatherineGassiotStudentFCRH 2021
VeronikaKobrinskyStudentFCLC 2022
LauraRenoStudentFCRH 2021
SarahEnglandStudentFCLC 2024
ReillyDunneStudentFCRH 2022
SarahShanahanStudentFCRH 2024
PeterChanStudentFCLC 2024
RosalineStoykovStudentFCLC 2024
GiannaTiloccaStudentFCRH 2021
DuncanTayloStudentFCLC 2022
CarolineChaplinStudentFCRH 2023
KelliFinnStudentFCRH 2021
AmandaEvansStudentGSB 2023
GayathriThelekattStudentFCRH 2021
JenniferRiveroStudentFCRH 2021
Jacob MyronCerdenaStudentFCRH 2024We need to be a model for our community.
VickyCarmenateStudentFCLC 23
LauraBabiakStudentFCRH 2023
WillowScottStudentFCRH 2021
AlexSchandlbauerStudentFCRH 2023
EvaGelmanStudentFCLC 2024
LeahJohnsonAlumniFCLC 2020
AmayaBraganzaStudentFCLC 2023
LindseyBerryStudentFCRH 2024
KarterLuoStudentFCRH 2023
SaraCastricatoStudentFCRH 2024N/A
AbbeyCloonanStudentFCLC 2022
Anna GraceColeStudentFCRH 2021
JuliannaWalchukStaffFCLC 2020 & Career Services Staff MemberStatements of support and solidarity are not enough- there needs to be more action to stand with the AAPI community.
NatalieNorman-KeheStudentFCLC 2021
MaeveAmbroseStudentFCLC 2022
Jin LinChenStudentGSB LC 2022
VanessaScacalossiStudentFCLC 2023
AlexiosAvgerinosStudentFCLC 2021
MargaretCullimoreStudentFCLC 2023
LizaCohenStudentFCRH 2022
SamanthaSantiagoStudentFCRH 2021
EmilyRochotteAlumniGSB 2014
TeymurGuliyevStudentFCLC 2021
CarolineWilserStudentFCRH 2021
VictoriaFanningStudentFCLC 2022
KateMcNicholasStudentFCRH 2022great petition, happy to help in any way i can.
JuliaDavidsonStudentFCRH 2021
ZalenNelsonStudentFCRH 2022
ElizabethWeldonStudentGSB 2024
ReeveChurchillStudentFCRH 2022
OliviaMacdonaldStudentFRCH 2021
ZoëShearesStudentFCLC 2022
GabriellaRossiStudentGSB 2021
AlyssaSchertzStudentGSB 2023
CaitlinLeibStudentFCLC 2023
LucyHartStudentFCRH 2022
FaithTerrillStudentFCLC 2022
EmmaButlerStudentFCRH 2021
JenniferKrakowskiStudentFCRH 2021
RichardPutorti JrStudentFCLC 2024
monicajimenezStudentfclc 2022
AllisonLecceStudentFCRH 2022
AfrahBandagiStudentFCLC 2023
BrysonClarkStudentFCLC 2023
KelseyVinzantAlumniFCRH 2020
CatherineSchifanoStudentFCRH 2022
SamanthaDavisStudentFCRH 2022
CatherineSamiaStudentFCRH 2023
EvanAllenStudentFCRH 2021
BrigidLynettStudentFCRH 2022
CarolineHughesStudentFCRH 2022
ColleenYezziStudentFCRH 2023
KatieFersiniStudentFCRH 2021
AfrinYasminStudentFCRH 2022N/A
EliseBragardStudentGSAS 2023
HannahUnderwoodStudentGSB 2022
SavannahSimpsonStudentFCRH 2021
XiangyuTaoStudentADP 2024
EmilyHoffertStudentFCLC 2022
AmeliaBrowneStudentFCLC 2022
AmandaChuStudentFCRH 2022
SheniquaJeffreyStudentADP – current PhD student
JuliannaScofieldStudentFCRH 2022
MariaAparcero-SueroStudentGSAS 2023
LizetMolinaStudentFCLC 2022
MicahSavinStudentGSAS 2023
VirginiaPohlStudentFCRH 2022
ClaireLandmanStudentFCRH 2021
KatherineTimofeyevStudentFCRH 2022
MadisonBurkartStudentGSB 2021
AlyshaJhaveriStudentFCRH 2022
IsabellaWachtelStudentFCRH 2022
DianaSilvaStudentFCLC 2023
IsabellaHamiltonStudentFCRH 2023
MaryScheidelStudentFCRH 2024
AvaRocheStudentFCRH 2021
KarenSiedleckiFacultyAssociate Professor of Psychology
AmyRoyFacultyProfessor of Psychology
LeahWalshStudentDoctoral Student, Clinical Psychology
SyedaAktarStudentFCRH 2023
GracieSchirleStudentFCRH 2023
SarahHujberStudentFCLC 2022
JuliaGeretyStudentFCRH 2022
MichelleEspositoAlumniFCRH 2020
JoshuaBrownFacultyAssociate Professor of PsychologyI STRONGLY SUPPORT THIS INITIATIVE.
AasthaPatelStudentFCLC 2023
KristenSkinnerStudentFCLC 2022
KristinaStevanovicStudentFCRH 2022
OliviaBradley-WillemannStaffIT Liaison – Psychology Department
RebeccaSchwartzStudentFCLC 2022
EmilyWeinbergerStudentPhd Clinical Psychology
JonahHarwoodStudentFCRH 2023
MaiaNuñezStudentFCLC 2022
AvaDeVitaStudentFCRH 2023
DanielGardnerStudentFCRH 2024
LeeLillisStudentFCLC 2024
IsabelDanielStudentFCLC 2022
AnaRabascoStudentClinical Psychology Doctoral Program Student
TierneyKuljuStudentFCRH 2024
DeanMcKayFacultyProfessor of Psychology
ElissaAminoffFacultyAssistant Professor, Department of Psychology
HannahRayStudentFCRH 2021
OkeomaNwakanmaStudentM.S. in CRM, 2022
CameronCriscoStudentFCRH 2021
EllenFlanaganStudentFCRH 2022
MeghanHaggertyStudentFCRH 2024
ErinGourisStudentFCRH 2021
RylieStolzeStudentFCLC 2021
IsabelleStewartStudentFCRH 2023
KyleLorenzoStudentFirst Year PhD Student
MikaelaNuevaStudentFCRH 2021
JustinMazurStudentFCLC 2022
CaitlinBrozenStudentGSB 2021
MaryProcidanoFacultyAssociate Professor of Psychology
TessMcNamaraStudentFCLC 2022
SebastianDiazStudentFCRH 2024
CharlottePuscasiuAlumniFCRH 2020
AnitaAdu ManuStudent2022
SamanthaAhearnStudentGSE 2021
AlexiObilloStudentFCRH 2022
SamanthaRichardsonStudentFCRH 2023
SadieWhitmanStudentFCLC 2022
ElanaFrankStudentGSAS Biology 2022
MariadoloresAlvarezStudentFCLC 2021I hope that future Fordham students can have access to this.
NermeenKidwaiStudentFCRH 2021
TrystanEdwardsStudentFCLC 2024
IsabellaDeJoyStudentFCRH 2024
CarolineAlbaceteStudentFCRH 2021
CreaDowStudentFCLC 2022
ClaraPryorStudentFCRH 2023
SofiaSobrinoStudentFCRH 2024It is imperative that Fordham as an educational institution dedicate resources to represent our Asian-American community in the way that it deserves and to also educate students on the long and complex history of racism against Asians. It all starts with education.
SelinGulgozFacultyAssistant Professor of Psychology
AnthonyFortunaStudentGSAS 2025
MaddieVizaStudentFCLC 2021
SarahMorganStudentFCLC 2022
SabrinaSpatzAlumniGSB 2018
ValentinaGorostiagaStudentFCRH 2021
ThanhViDangStudentFCLC 2022
AmberRayStudentFCLC 2021
KatherineAronsonStudentFCLC 2021
MeghanEvansStudentFCRH 2021
BarryRosenfeldFacultyProfessor of Psychology
SilvanaPatriarcaFacultyProfessor of History
TiffanyPriscillaStudentFCRH 2022
ErinDoughertyStudentFCRH 2022
EllaConnaughtonStudentFCRH 2023
ArdenWangStudentFCLC 2023Not only does Fordham lack an Asian American Studies department, their Asian language course selections are extremely lacking. I really hope that Fordham enacts the changes necessary to establish an Asian American Studies department because so many universities do and there’s no excuse not to have one. Thanks for this petition — it’s about time
TheresaAmorusoStudentGSS 2023
SarahJamesStudentFCRH 2021
SarahSulcStudentFCRH ’22
SayemaAbedinStudentFCLC 2022
GregoryMysoglandAlumniFCRH 2020
IsabelleMendezStudentFCRH 2021
CarolineSmithStudentFCRH 2023
KevinJohnsStudentGSAS 2021
NoraHoganStudentFCRH 2023
JuliaGayaneloStudentFCRH 2021
IsabellaMascioAlumniFCRH 2020
EmmaSpoldiAlumniFCRH 2019
FrancescaCiannaveiStudentFCLC 2020
KirstenMurphyStudentFCLC 2021
HarukaMinamiFacultyAssistant Professor of Psychology
MathewMatthiasStudentFCRH 2021This is well-overdue
JordanStiverStudentCPDP 2023
AudreyDavisStudentFCRH 2023
MichaelaDwyerStudentFPCS 2022
JillFowleStudentPhD student
MargaretMcNamaraStudentFCLC 2023
JadaHerediaStudentFCLC 2022
BrianaAl-OmoushStudentFCRH 2024
MiaPerosStudentFCRH 2024
ColleenCochranStudentFCRH 2021
SamanthaButzenStudentFCRH 2021
LilyKissickStudentFCRH 2023
NatalieBlairStudentFCLC 2022
BenGuoStudentGSBLC 2021
IsabelleStorellaStudentFCLC 2024
AlyssaMoralesStudentFCLC 2021
JacquelineChavezStudentFCRH 2021
EmmaFergusonStudentFCRH 2022
MiaBehrensStudentFCRH 2021
KathleenStanovickAlumniFCLC 2018
GraceHanrahanStudentFCRH 2023
DanaKenneallyStudentFCRH 2024
EmmeWeisenfeldStudentFCLC 2023
AlexBedardStudentFCRH 2024
MeredithCoenStudentFCLC 2023
EmmaJohnssonStudentFCLC 2022
StephanieNaingFormer StudentFCLC 2023
SammuelKimAlumniGSB 2019
VincentDeSenoAlumniFCLC 2020
CeliaFisherFacultyMarie Ward Doty University Chair in Ethics,Professor of Psychology,
Director of Center for Ethics Education
This interdisciplinary program is critical to fulfilling Fordham’s social justice mission.
CarolineFreeburnStudentGSB 2024
ItaTannianStudentFGSB 2021
KyanHejaziStudentFCLC 2022
AnnabelleSotoStudentFCRH 2022
KristenGonzalezAlumniGrad School of Education 2020Fordham’s staff & departments should reflect the diverse population of not only their campuses, but New York. At my time at Fordham I was lucky enough to be apart of classes expanded my worldview and diversified the narrative. Fordham MUST expands their course selections and departments beyond the white gaze. Future students NEED to hear the voices of the unheard and be exposed to inclusive departments & courses.
KyHaywardStudentFCLC 2021Education is key to dismantling oppression. Asian Americans deserve to have their history told and taught in institutions such as Fordham.
MichaelFissingerStudentFCRH 2021
ClareDuffyStudentFCRH 2021
ObianujunwaAnakwenzeStudentGSAS, PhD 2024Great initiative! I would advocate for a program in Asian & Asian American Studies (somewhat broader).
AnnHiggins-D’AlessandroFacultyProfessor of Psychologythis needs to be supported!!
AmanpreetKaurStudentGSBLC 2023
NicholasMaglioccoStudentFCRH 2022
CourtneyBergsiekerStudentFCRH 2021
SamihaRaisaStudentFCRH 2021
AvaPeabodyStudentFCLC 2023
ClaireMcHughStudentFCRH 2023
RyanMcLartyStudentFRCH 2021
VirginiaBetStudentfcrh 22
EmilyBerinatoStudentFCRH 2023
GraceMaiettaStudentGSB 2024
ArinaMedvedevaStudentFCLC 2024
RobertSundstromStudentFCLC 2022
RoderickPerezStudentGSB 2020
HaydenCressonStudentFCRH 2021
ShellaeVerseyFacultyAssistant Professor of Psychology
KatieNatoriAlumniFCLC 2019
PatrickHughesStudentGabelli 2023
AnnaSchmittStudentFCRH 2021
NickColletteStudentFCRH 2021
MichaelRandazzaStudentGSAS 2022
GraceCostaStudentFCLC 2021
GabrielleBindseilStudentFCRH 2022
HaileyCoatesStudentFCLC 2021
MargaretPeknicStudentFCRH 2023
izabellapereiraStudentFCLC 2022
SonyaSpeizerStudentFCLC 2024
TaylerRogersStudentFCRH 2023
MicaelinaCarterStudentFCLC 2024
KileyForrestStudentFCRH 2021
ClaireMondryAlumniFCLC 2020I graduated from Fordham in spring 2020 after completing a thesis on Chinese American cookbooks and culinary traditions. I was consistently challenged by the lack of resources, professors, and mentors throughout my research and writing process; I found it difficult to accomplished the work I was seeking to do through Fordham’s offerings. BIPOC students are regularly undermined and roadblocked by the school administration’s reluctance to actually support anti-racist efforts and critical research – ethnic studies and other underserved departments, including Asian American Studies, needs to be an urgent priority, especially at a predominantly white institution like Fordham. Asian American stories, issues, and voices cannot and should not be a one week lesson on a syllabus; full, robust course offerings need to be an option as well.
DylanGarveyStudentFCRH 2021
CharleneMinayaStudentGSAS 2025
MadelineKehoeStudentGSB 2022
LutherSackeyfioStudentGSB 2023
JayaJoyceStudentFCRH 2024
TaniaTanStudentFCRH 2023
AlaniScheelStudentFCRH 2023
SydneyDragerStudentFCRH 2022
JackieMutkoskiStudentFCRH 2023
CaleyKnoxStudentFCRH 2024
EllaNalbandyanStudentFCLC 2021
Hiu YanOrStudentFCLC 2022
DeborahLaymanStudentDoctoral Student ADP
DianeLeeStudentStudent FCLC 2021
JulieTrohanStudentGabelli LC 2024Thank you for doing this 🙂
JustinCharlesStudentFCRH 2023
NicholasLevytskyStudentFCRH 2024
LeahFeuerstahlerFacultyAssistant Professor
EmmaBuddAlumniFCRH 2020
WilliamBruceStudentGSBLC 2021
BrandonDullStudentFCRH 2021
MargaritaMcCoyStudentFCRH 2023
JulieDoonanStudentFUGB 2022I’m so surprised the school as large as this can I have an Irish studies department and not an Asian American studies department especially with the large amount of Asian students attending this campus
EmmaCareyAlumniFCRH 2019
AlanaCampbellStudentFCLC 2022
SamihaHossainStudentFCLC 2022
MaryMcCluskeyAlumniFCRH 2020
IanSmithStudent2022Anti-racist action has to be taken for all non-white races. The establishment of the African American studies department only came about because students mobilized and spoke out and even occupied a deans office in the 70s. Maybe in the 2020s it won’t have to come to that to create an Asian American studies department.
BrookeWarnerStudent2023We should dedicate more time and recognition to the fact that anti-asian stereotypes and prejudices in the western world have been used to justify imperialism, colonization, and continued labor exploitation in the east and global south. Asian issues are not new and are far deeper than socially oriented stereotypes. We have to look closely and critically at how seemingly shallow or “harmless” social stereotypes are rooted in white supremacist politics and economics and have harmful repercussions for entire populations. Asian Americans remain ostracized and otherized by American cultural definitions regardless of how many generations of Asian Americans have been born into citizenship here. This has been too long overlooked in our teachings of history and understated in our understandings of racism and white supremacy. We need to do more to recognize the long history of Asian issues and contributions in the Americas dating back to the age of exploration.
LucaMorganteStudentGSB 2023
JuliaCorbettAlumniFCRH 2020
EliseMcDonaldStudentFCRH 2021
KiyanaMarshStudentFCRH 2021
LilyOchsAlumniFCRH 2020
CharlieMurrayAlumniFCRH 2019
EllieKimStudentFCLC 2021
ClarkWaleckiStudentFCRH 2023
SarahMcGheeStudentFCLC 2024
NatassjaAginaAlumniFCLC 2020
DanielDrollStudentFCRH 2022
DevGandhiStudentGSB 2023
SelinBayramStudentFCRH 2021
MaxBorchardtStudentFCRH 2021
Emma JaneKonkolyStudentFCLC 2023
Emma JaneKonkolyStudentFCLC 2023
KatherineLeeStudentFCLC 2022
gillianrobertsStudentFCRH 2022
BrennanConnellStudentFCRH 2024
MarissaPecorelliStudentFCLC 2023
KathrynTeaneyAlumniGSB 2019
CharlieFriedlanderStudentFCLC 2022
KimYapAlumniGSB 2019
KatieCarriganStudentFCLC 2024
EmilyMarczakAlumniFCLC 2018
MaeveRooneyStudentFCRH 2023
FrancesPistorinoStudentFCRH 2022
KathyLiuAlumniFCLC 2019
ElizabethKangStudentFCLC 2022
EmilyKrichmarStudentFCLC 2021
alyssamorterudStudentFCLC 2023
KristenGiaimoStudentGSS 2021
EmilyYuStudentGabelli 2023
DellianSehraStudentFCLC 2023
JuliaLapajStudentFCRH 2024
Dana SofiaLealStudentFCLC 2022
NicoleFreeleyStudentFCRH 2024
ErinLeeStudentFCRH 2022
PeggyAndoverFacultyAssociate Professor of Psychology
WinyMoranStudentFCLC 2022
DanaSkieraStudentFCRH 2021
MalorieWatsonStudentClinical Psychology PhD Student
VidhurVashishtAlumniFCLC 2020
MadisonLetoStudentFCLC 2021
ChrisRhombergFacultyProfessor of Sociology
SicilySeitzFormer studentFormer FCLC 2023
EricaLimAlumniFCRH 2020
KyannaCamachoStudentFCLC 2024
HannaBowmanStudentFCLC 2021
SamanthaKawalecStudentGSB 2023
SamuelCanedaStudentFCRH 2021
TatiannaPortillo DiazStudentFCRH 2024
SophieChenStudentFCLC 2023
IsabellaScipioniStudentFCLC 2023
MeenasaraniMuruganFacultyAssistant Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies
ElijahYeringtonStudentGabelli 2024
SarahBarlynStudentFCLC 2024
DipitaDasStudentFCLC 2024
MeredithSchuttStudentFCLC 2023
LydiaHallettStudentFCLC 2021
ZekeTweedieStudentFCLC 2022
AlyssaGrimandoStudentGSBLC 2021
JillJiStudentFCLC 2023
JulieChyunStudentFCRH 2023
CaitlinLillyStudentFCRH 2024
JamesSmytheStudentFCRH 2024
Julia ElizabethPetalcorinStudentGSB RH 2022
LuisPena VasquezStudentGSB 2023
DanielAhernStudentGSB 2021
Tess MariaSeidlerStudentFCRH 2024
SophiaFontanillaStudentFCLC 2022
TareaKarunaratneAlumniFCLC 2020
AlyssaMacalusoStudentFCLC 2023
JenniferMoormanFacultyAssistant Professor of Communication & Media Studies
GinoCatalanoStudentFCRH 2021
SaudiyaAllyStudentFCRH 2022
GretaMcLaughlinStudentFCRH 2024
TinaZouStudentFCRH 2023This is a must and Fordham can do better
ErinClewellAlumniFCRH 2019
LukeZadrimaStudentGabelli 2023
AbbyDziuraStudentFCRH 2024
MaryamIsmailStudentFCRH 2021
JillianKennyStudentFCRH 2021
ChantalChevalierStudentGraduate School of Education 2021
MollySibonaStudentFCRH 2024
AlissaKerrStudentFCLC 2021
SantiagoVidal CalvoStudentFCRH 2024
LukeCorradoStudentGSB 2022
SarahGoldsteinStudentFCRH 2023
MaliaGuebliStudentFCRH 2023
RachelReckerAlumniFCRH ‘19
StevenRuggieroStudentFCRH 2022
MelanieRiehlStudentFCLC 2022
GabrielleSimporiosStudentFCRH 2024
ColeMullinsStudentFCRH 2024 (Senator)
AvaWienerStudentFCLC 2023
CaterinaBocardoStudentFCLC 2024
RyanChenStudentFCLC 2024
MollyZimmermanFacultyAssociate Professor of Psychology
MKHollandStudentFCLC 2024
AveryPrimisStudentFCLC 2022
OliviaKoziolStudentFCRH 2023
IsabelleFaraonStudentFCLC 2022
LaurenMillerStudentFCRH 2023
EllenTruittStudentGSB 2022
JustineWendtStudentFCRH 2023
GraceThorntonStudentGSB 2022
EmmaDiedeStudentFCRH 2021
GraceShenFacultyAssociate Professor of HistoryPlease take this seriously and make it a real, working program with new hires, so that it does not stretch thin faculty and other programs. There is room for more and that more makes us better, stronger, and more able to represent the liberal arts as a meaningful agent of change.
MayaDoblerStudentFCLC 2023
Shi QiaoWangStudentFCCL 2024
Phuc (Roger)VoStudentFCLC 2023
EmilyRoffStudentFCRH 2021
EmmaMooreStudentFCLC 2023
JessicaFigueroaStudentFCLC 2022
Hae-JoonKimStudentClinical Psychology Doctoral Student
KatelynBenzingerStudentFCRH 2023
MadisonRhoadStudentFCRH 2023
LuaJawdatStudentFCRH 2024
SamanthaBrooksStudentGSB 2024
GraceHarnischStudentGSB 2023
SarahShahinStudentFCLC 2023
ErinArchboldStudentFCRH 2021
ClaraVictorioStudentFCRH 2024
KellyChristStudentFCRH 2021
KellyChristStudentFCRH 2021
SaraTsugranisStudentFCRH 2023
AishaJamalStudentFCLC 2021Can we have more studies in general like more African studies, more Latinx studies, more Arab studies, etc. ?
GraceMasingaleStudentFCLC 2022
KatherineCaperanStudentFCRH 2023
AnnaNowalkStudentFCLC 2023
DinaGomaaStudentFCLC 2021
GregoryDonovanFacultyAssociate Professor, Communication & Media Studies
JulianePautrotStudentFCRH 2023
EmilyChinAlumniGSB 2018
JeminaMolinesStudentFCLC 2021
MariaVillalba GomezStudentFCRH is 2021
LindsayHoytFacultyAssistant Professor of Psychology
JennaColonStudentFCRH 2024
MelodyRuizStudentFCLC 2023
JiAhnReillyStudentFCRH 2022
ZifanLiStudentGSAS 2022
QuinnFantozziStudentFCRH 2024One of the first steps towards ending stigmas is to educate. Every culture deserves to be learned about, appreciated, celebrated, and respected.
ShannonRodgersStudentFCRH 2023Professor Kim has such a strong desire to help be part of a change in this world and it is evident in his courses. He would be an amazing professor to lead the department and to help Fordham become a more inclusive community to all who want to call Fordham home. I honestly do not think I have ever had a more passionate professor; he’s not only passionate about English, but he’s passionate about helping all of his students to be successful and feel empowered.
KimberlyThaiStudentFCRH 2023
DerekTice-BrownFacultyAssistant Professor
JuliaChorunStudentFCRH 2024
PatrickStackStudentFCRH 2022
RyanMonaghanStudentFCRH 2021
LizShimStudentFCRH 2023
TaraLumbStudentFCRH 2024
FiaSwansonStudentFCRH 2021
KaterinaBalassisStudentFCRH 2024
TeresaKamenStudentFCRH 2024
ShannonJensenStudentFCRH 2024
AshleyKjornessStudentFCRH 2022
LeahLanghoffStudentFCRH 2024
TiffanyWuStudentFCRH 2024
StevenGomezStudentFCRH 2022
CarlyWeberStudentFCRH 2024
NorahGordonStudentFCRH 2022
RachelIrishStudentFCRH 2023
MollySchwarzStudentFCLC 2021
LeonWangStudentENGL MA 2021
RichardTeversonFacultyAssistant professor of art history
NinaRoweFacultyProfessor of Art History
ThomasLeeFacultyProfessor of Law
MariaMcMahonStaffAssistant Director of AdmissionAs a member of the AAPI community myself, I am grateful for your leadership in this effort. Thank you!
AvaLichterStudentFCRH 2022
BenLichterStudentFCRH 2022
LoreenRuizStudentFCLC 2021As a member of the Asian-American community, I support this effort and am heartened to see the response of the Fordham community at large. I thank all those who organized and promoted this petition.
HanaKuriharaAlumniFCRH 2018
MarissaMeskoAlumniFCRH 2019
NicholasLohStudentLaw ’22
LauraPettyStudentLaw School 2021
MinaJuhnStudentFLS 2022
LouisGobinAlumniMS 2019
HanJangStudentLaw 2022
LeaElstonStudentJ.D. Candidate 2021
JulianneMataAlumniFCRH 2019
LaurenKimStudentJD 2023
GabrielaPerezAlumniFCLC 2018
VictoriaFieldStudentJD 2023
PatrickCucurulloStudentFLS 2023
Parker RoseWingateStudentLaw Student 2023
MadelineRitterStudentFordham Law 2023
AmyShulerStudentFLS 2023
NaraeKimStudentFLS 2022
LindseyNeubergerStudentFordham Law 2023
AnthonyWongStudentFLS 2023
CaitlinRamiroStudentFCRH 2014; FLS 2022
TenzingChoeyingStudentFCLC 2024
MirandaManimboAlumniFCLC 2018
MatthewHockenberryFacultyAssistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
AnirbanBaishyaFacultyAssistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies
JenniferClarkFacultyAssistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies
HeidiBordognaFacultyLecturer, Film & Television
DianaKaminFacultyLecturer, Communication and Media Studies
TimWoodFacultyAssistant Professor, Department of Communication and Media Studies
CarolineStewartAlumniGABELLI LC 2018
BethKnobelFacultyAssociate Professor of Communication & Media Studies
JessicaBaldwin-PhilippiFacultyAssociate professor, Communication and Media StudiesThank you for your efforts toward this!
JulieFifelskiFacultyAdjunct Professor of English
ArthurHayesFacultyAssociate Professor
GarrettBroadFacultyAssociate Professor of Communication and Media Studies
MargaretSchwartzFacultyAssociate Professor of Communication and Media StudiesI teach Race, Class and Gender in Media and my Asian students are always hungry for more classes, books, and ideas that speak to their history and experience. I can’t do it all in one class. There should be a dedicated area of study.
FaisalAlkhirbitStudentFCLC 2022
JuliaAssueStudentFCLC 2022
AlexandraChacónStudentFCRH 2023
AlexisCinoStudentFCRH 2021
TeaganAngellStudentFCRH 2024
BenMedeirosStudentFCRH 2022
MalaFeredayStudentFCRH 2023
ZhaneColemanStudentFCRH 2024
NafisaRaisaStudentFCRH 2024
ManizaKhondkerStudentFCRH 2024I love the initiative
AriannaValerioStudentGSB 2022
SawniBhattStudentFCRH 2024
VanessaAgovidaAlumniFCRH 2016My honors thesis was based around my Asian-American upbringing and through that process, I felt the lack of support and resources. I could only really turn to my thesis advisor, Sarah Gambito, and professor James Kim, and they were great. But it would have be awesome to have had the option to take an Asian-American literature or studies course at any point in my college career leading up to that point. I know for a fact that that would have enriched my experience at Fordham.
KathleenKeaneStudentGSB 2022
ChloeCorkeryStudentFCRH 2022
JennaDyerStudentFCLC 2023
MatthewLeoneAlumniFCLC 2017This is long overdue. As an institution we need to start practicing what we preach.
RyanGarciaStudentFCLC 2023
EmmaPaoliniStudentFCRH 2021
RileyNgStudentFCLC 2022
CamilleHermida-FuentesStudentFCLC 2021
MuhammadHassanStudentFCLC 2023
CaraDentonStudentFCLC 2025
MariaKomiyamaStudentGSB 2024
NicolePerkinsStudentFCLC 2022
LaurenAlbertonStudentFCRH 2023
VivianBrownStudentFCLC 2022
DaniellaDeYoungStudentFCRH 2024
SusanFuStudentFCLC 2024
LinaSciabbarrasiStudentFCLC 2024
KreenaVoraStudentFCLC 2023
CoraTherberStudentFCLC 2024
SarahTobiasStudentFCRH 2023
TarchithaaChandra SekharanStudentFCRH 2024
AlexandraReinoldStudentFCLC 2023
KatieTurnerStudentFCRH 2025
MarieAtendidoStudentFCLC 2024
AidanLaneStudentFCLC ‘23
MelissaDzenis-GarciaStudentFLS 2023
Ina PatriceGonzalesStudentFCRH 2021
BrookeWeirStudentGSB 2021
MadelineBashantStudentFCRH 2023
ClaireQianStudentFCRH 2024
KieranPress-ReynoldsStudentFCRH 2021
AbigailLoStudentFCLC 2023
MarsNeriStudentFCLC 2023
SylvieEisipsStudentFCLC 2022
LaurenSantosStudentFCLC 2022
AlyssaRosenbergStudentFCLC 2021
MegBushStudentFCLC 2022
LeoLionStudentFCLC 2022
AidenHannonStudentFCRH 2022
JenniferOgasianStudentFCLC 2021Long overdue. It’s impossible to understand and condemn the recent anti-Asian violence without first understanding its place in our histories.
LewisFreemanFacultySenior Lecturer, Dept. of Communication & Media Studies
AllyKlapakStudentFCRH 2022
GiselleBravoStudentFCRH 2022
MegWhalenStudentFcrh 2021
Tiade VeraStudentFCLC 2022
WilliamAdamsStudentFCLC 2021
Daniel AlexanderJonesFacultyProfessor of Theatre
RaquelArabaloStudentFCLC 2022
MackenzieNortonAlumniFCRH 2020
AaronDorelienStudentFCLC 2024
LeticiaMurilloStudentFCLC 2021
JoshuaSchapiroFacultySenior Lecturer, Theology
PriyankaKoshyStudentFCRH 2023
JordanGrafStudentPhD Student and Teaching Fellow
CaraGosselinStudentFCRH 2023
JeilyAntiguaStudentFCLC 2024
GabrielleCalaraStudentFCLC 2024
KanaSeikiStudentFCLC 2024
GabrielleCurranStudentGSAS ’21
MeghanManginiStudentFCRH 2024
AlexanderStantonStudentFCLC 2024
Alesha BorboKilaykoAlumniFCLC(she/they), Children’s Education Specialist at Middle Collegiate Church
MichelinaSmithStudentFCLC 2024
Madalynvon HasselStudentFCLC 2024
LiliannaHarrisAlumniFCLC 2021
YulynnLinStudentGSB 2024”
AlexisNeffingerAlumniFCRH 2018
IsabelleKilbrideStudentFCRH 2022
SamanthaMinearStudentFCRH 2024
AbigailDelkStudentFCRH 2022
AmaanRizviStudentGSBLC 2024
IsabellaCalingaertStudentFCRH 2021
AlimatuSalihuStudentFCRH 2024
EthanHammettStudentFcrh 2023Imperative for the furthering of academic endeavors related to dismantling white supremacy
SusanGreenfieldFacultyProfessor of EnglishThank you for this crucial effort!
RumaisaKhanStudentFCRH 2023
JessSommaAlumniFCRH 2019
IsabelRooneyAlumniCBA 1988
MeridithHannanStudentFCRH 2021
MarielleSarmientoStudentFCLC 2021
AvaCarreiroStudentFCRH 2024
EmilyWilliamsStudentFcrh 2021
AllanaSpearsStudentFCRH 2024
AncyLewisAdministratorAssistant Director of Field EducationThis is a much needed initiative. It will serve as another powerful progressive action step towards confronting racism and educating for justice.
Shih ReyChanStaffStudent Services Advisor
SarahPaxsonStudentFCLC 2021
PatriciaRodriguezAdministratorDirector, Operations & Events
MauriceKingStudentFCLC 2023
MichelleCisnerosStudentFCRH 2021
CathyBerkmanFacultyProfessor of Social Work, GSS
MeganMarshallStudentFordham GSS-Lincoln Center 2022
AnneTreantafelesAdministratorGSS 2010I recommend that this inportant area of study be developed and implemented immediately. I was a bit stunned that we do not already offer Asian American Studies at Fordham.
AmandaLugoStudent2022I’m surprised a university as large as Fordham doesn’t already teach Asian American studies.
GregAcevedoFacultyAssociate Professor of Social Work
TimothyManningStudentGSS 2022
AnnaStrzempkoStudentGSS 2022
PeterKrauseStudentTeaching Fellow and Writing Center Fellow
AnthonyLoStudentFCRH 2024
KimberlyHudsonFacultyAssistant Professor, GSS
DennisZhangStudentGSBLC 2024
RachanaKomatireddyStudentFCLC 2022
TharaDucloselStudentMSW 2022
FuhuaZhaiFacultyProfessor, GSS
LeoGuardadoFacultyAssistant Professor of Theology
DesileeRomanStudentFCRH 2024
DanielaValdovinosStudentFCRH 2022N/A
HannahKilroyStudentU-GSB 2021
YustinaHryciwStudentFCRH 2023
SofiaOliverStudentFCLC 2024
KimberlyServasStudentMSW 2023
DanielKreinerStudentFordham GSS 2023
IllonaDixonStudent2023Excellent initiative and quite important!!!
LindseyLiebermanStudent2022This should be added immediately, shocking that it isn’t already offered at Fordham.
SamanthaSclafaniStudentFCLC 2022
SarahDouganAdministratorAssociate Director of Admission
LucyEnrightStudentFCLC 2024
MadelineNewallStudentFCRH 2023
CrystalColombiniFacultyAssistant Professor of English
MaxLufStudentFCRH 2022
KateGreeneAlumniGSB 2020
KarunaPatelAdministratorDeputy Director of Fordham Law School Feerick Center for Social Justice
Ilona ASilva AlvarezStudentMSW ’22
OliviaDollStudentFCRH 2021
AlexaLetiziaStudentFCRH 2021
ClaireSilverbergStudentFCRH 2021
SamanthaDargieStudentFCRH 2021
SamanthaMaddockStudentFCRH 2021
ElisabethWickeriAdministratorExecutive Director, Leitner Center for International Law and Justice
LauraWernickFacultyAssociate Professor, Graduate School of Social Service
ikeucheAdministratorassistant director of admission
LeahHorowitzAdministratorAssistant Dean
ElizabethMaddoxkAlumniFCRH 2019
AnnaWhitesideStudentFCRH 2022
AngeniseRosarioStudentGSB 2022
DanielMcDermottAdministratorAssistant Director of Undergrad Admission
ChloeSigillitoStaffAssociate Director for Campus Visitation
RussellPearceFacultyProfessor of Law
RachelSternlichtAlumniFCRH 2017, GSAS 2018
OlivierSylvainFacultyLaw Professor
MedinaGracaStudentFCRH 2021
BrunoPalomaresStudentFCLC 2023
AishaBaruniAdministratorDirector of Public Interest Scholars & Fellowships, School of Law
BarbaraFinkelsteinAlumniFCRH2003 (graduate school)
AudreyEvrardFacultyAssociate Professor of French
GaliSavuskanStudentFCRH 2024
KyleBlakeStudentFCRH 2022
HannahQuinnStudentFCRH 2023
MorganJeffordStudentFCRH 2024
FrancescaParmeggianiFacultyProfessor of Italian and Comparative Literature
KathleenLaPentaFacultySenior Lecturer
YelenaMelnichenkoStudentMSW 2022Asian American Studies are important, in the same way that African American Studies are, to the understanding of culture and history of oppression faced by the people.
CaridadKinsellaStudentFCLC 2023Latin-Asian solidarity ❤
ElizabethSistoStudentFCLC 2021
EmmaD’AtriStudentFCRH 2022
ChristineMcCarthyAlumniGSAS 2018
TaraMenonFacultyInstructor (English Department)
ShuranYuStudentFCLC 2023
MohamedAlsiadiFacultySenior Lecturer and CoordinatorArabic Language and Cultural Studies Program
MichelleYoonStudentFCLC 2021
XinranDongFacultyLecturer of Chinese
LucilleMalecekStudentFCRH 2022
EllieKriebelStudentFCRH 2022
IsabelleMichelonStudentFCRH 2022
KatePoznerStudentFCRH 2021
AlexandraWeigertStudentFRCH 2021
CareyKastenFacultyAssociate Professor of Spanish
PeytonSkoczylasStudentFCLC 2022
Maya RoseBliffeldStudentFCLC 2024This should have happened a very long time ago. Everyone deserves to be studied !
FionaJohnsonStudentGSB 2022
JosephDaleyAlumniGSAS 2020
AsaOhiraStudentFCLC 2024
TeddyShieldsAlumniFCRH 2020
SabrinaPuleoAlumniFCLC 2020
DariusJohnsonLaw StudentDoctorate of Law 2021
StephenBragaleStudentFPCS 2021
MaggieJohanetStudentFCRH 2023
KatherineKuemerleStudentFCLC 2021
SydneyGabourel EzzedineAdministratorAssistant Director of Undergraduate Admission
JackelineRodriguezStudentFCLC 2022
KatyDelahuntStudentGabelli 2022
ShamyaZindaniStudentFCLC 2022
FrankVelezStudent2023As international as a school as Fordham, and as international of a city as New York, there is no excuse for the absence of an inclusive and wide-ranging curriculum offering: we all need to do more.
UzielDominguezStudentFCRH 2022
SefenyDiazStudentFCLC 2021
JosephBragaStudentFCRH 2023
Kelly JeanClairStudent2021
YomnaAbdelaalStudentFCRH 2023
JamesKeenanAlumniFCRH 1970
LeoParascondolaAlumniFC 1970The rigorous study of Asian American histories and cultures is essential work for any institution of higher education.
Sally BarkerDunfordAlumniTMC 72I’m now the grandmother of 2 Chinese grandsons and the aunt of 2 Korean nieces and it’s made me realize how horribly ignorant I am of Asian and Asian American history and culture. We need to teach all history not just white history
LiaFerroneStudentFCRH 2018
RobertSchultzAlumniRCRH 1970We can no longer ignore racism against Asian Americans! The pandemic has brought into the light racism that has been there all along, but which many people have chosen to ignore.
EdwinWongAlumniGabelli MBA 2004Please let me know how I can assist. I helped to create the syllabus for the very 1st Asian American Studies course at SUNY Buffalo in Fall 1990 as a 1st semester freshman. Then co-taught the course as a 2nd semester freshman in Spring 1991 (30 Years ago). Taught for another year and handed it off to other passionate student instructors since we didn’t have any faculty. It was an independent study course under the guidance of the late Professor Lawrence “Larry” Chisolm, American Studies Dept. founder. Course text used was Ronald Takaki’s, Stranger’s from a Different Shore. The first half of the class, was about Asian American history and contributions. Then the second half we discussed more about issues whether current or historical that we felt needed to be addressed. (eg. stereotypes, model minority myth, peer pressure and suicide, The Killing of Vincent Chin, etc. )
SarahGreyFacultyAssistant Professor of Linguistics and Spanish
KalaniWilliamsStudentPhD Student, Biological Sciences
CamilaMarconeStudentGSAS 2021
RalphVaccaFacultyAssistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies
GwenDaugsGraduate StudentPhilosophy PhD
MedhaPandeyStudentPh.D. Student, GSAS 2023
MadelaineWreyStudentPhD biological sciences 2024
EmilyHorihanStaffFCRH 2014, GSAS 2019
GraceCampagnaStudentGSAS 2022
KaitlynnWilsonStudentFCRH 2023It is exclusionary to not include an option for Asian studies considering they are one of the largest minorities in NYC and America at large. People will take this major if it is offered.
JosephMartinezAlumnus (FCLC 2011); Administrator (Enrollment); Student (GSB 2023)FCLC 2011
AlexandraDanehyStudentFCRH 2022
KenBruceStudentGSAS 2025
AnyaWangStudentPhD Student, Philosophy
RicardoArochaStudentGSS 2022This is crucial!
PatriciaRomeroFacultyAdvanced Spanish Lecturer
ElizabethWiltshireStudentFCRH 2022
ThomasWhitakerStudentFCRH 2021
AnneWestonStudentFCRH 2023
MargaretBaumStudentFCRH 2021
SavannahStewartStudentGSB LC 2024
AlessandroPolcriFacultyAssociate Professor of Italian
FawziaMustafaRetired FacultyProfessor Emerita of English, CompLit, AAAS and WGSS
VlastaVranjesFacultyAssistant Professor of English
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